Collection Units

Environmental Oils offers a wide range of storage units to suit your specific needs. Ranging from 80 litre drums up to 1000 litres. So whether you are a small business or a large shopping centre you can rest assure there is a storage unit available to suit your individual need.

Landlord wont allow a drum? No problem. We can still assist with the collection of your used cooking oil. As long as the oil is in a sealed containers we can still pick up the oil free of charge.

* Minimum quantities do apply.

EVO Kitchen UCO Drum

Capacity 120L Suitable for: Liquid Cooking Oils only. Features: A compact unit with a small ‘footprint’ ideal for internal kitchen use. Includes 4-wheel Dolly for easy moving to and from fryer, and absorbent pad to catch unwanted drips. Oil-resistant exterior coating for an easy clean.

EVO Standard UCO Drum

Capacity 240L

Suitable for: All Cooking Oils and Fats

Features: Stores either Solid Fats or Oils. Holds the equivalent of 6x 40 L fryer oil changes, ideal for high volume/ frequency oil changes. Robust and durable for exterior conditions.

(Dolly and Absorbent pad optional)

EVO Stainless Steel Unit

Capacity 200L

Suitable for: Liquid Cooking Oils only.

Features: Designed for internal kitchen use and moving to and from fryer, but with increased capacity. Contains a lockable filter tray to separate non-oil material. Stainless steel for a hygienic, easy to clean surface.

EVO Multi-User Collection Station

Capacity: 500L (800L also available)

Suitable for: Liquid Cooking Oils only.

Features: Large Used Cooking Oil storage facility incorporating splashback panels, raised frame supporting a bund/ drip tray, and a unique water-resistant, oil absorbent pad. Ideal for shopping centres and hospitality precincts where multiple outlets use cooking oil. The Collection Station serves to divert UCO from costly grease traps, and is designed to eliminate site contamination problems that stem from user spills and overflow situations.

EVO Bulk Container Unit

Capacity 1,000L

Suitable for: Liquid Cooking Oils only.

Features: IBC container for storing and transporting bulk volumes of UCO. Ideal for use in remote or offshore locations to minimise freight handling. Units are provided as part of a full/ empty IBC rotation program.

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