Industry Accreditation

Environmental Oils is a member of the Australian Renderer’s Association, a national body that represents the interests of producers of rendered products (including Used Cooking Oil recyclers) at industry and government levels.

The ARA is an organisation responsible for accrediting Used Cooking Oil recyclers to the “National Standard for Recycling of Used Cooking Fats and Oils Intended for Animal Feeds”.

Environmental Oils is proud to have achieved accreditation to this standard, having had its formal Quality Management System (incorporating comprehensive product testing, batch identification and labeling, and source traceability regimes) successfully subject to the ARA’s standard compliance assessment process.

Accreditation to this standard also qualifies Environmental Oils’ Refined Used Cooking Oil as a compliant product to the stockfeed manufacturing industry Feedsafe® standard.

This means that Feedlots and Stock Feed manufacturers can purchase our Refined Used Cooking Oils for animal feed purposes, safe in the knowledge that it meets product safety guidelines as a liquid feed for ruminants and non-ruminant animals alike.

Feedlot operators, stockfeed manufacturers and farmers who purchase for animal feed Unrefined Used Cooking Oil (or Refined Used Cooking Oil where compliance to this Standard is not evident) risk doing so in violation of the Australian Ruminant Feed Ban. This ban permits only Refined Used Cooking Oil to be used for feeding ruminants when sourced from companies compliant to the standard (by measure of product moisture and impurity thresholds being met).

Please click here to see our ARA Accreditation Certificate.

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